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We provide our customers with modern garden designs. You will definitely be satisfied.

A project that was so deep yet so wide.
Creating wonders 6000 feet above ground

We own a farm, where we grow crops and supply them in the local market. In addition to that we also grow plants to supply at whole sale rate.

How we use so much less yet make so much more

It is said, 'Experience is the best teacher.' We have been providing you with the best of the best since 1982

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About us

At Greenland Services we strive to create unique and original landscapes that differ from the ones commonly found in Pakistan!

We can design your new landscape or recreate your existing one with a variety of plant life and seasonal splashes of color. We take personal interest in making sure..

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The team
Jane Fischer Mohammed Nauroz Ali (gls@glspk.com)
The founder of Greenland Services, Mr. Mohammed Nauroz Ali holds the degree of M.Sc in Horticulture. He started the company in 1982 and has been serving the community for the beautification since then, In his projects he has served several locations like hospitals, parks, hotels, schools, courtyards of residences and patios etc. Our knowledge gained over each projects helps us improve for the next and we believe in serving the community by making the surroundings more pleasant and beautiful.
face Ismail Nauroz (ismail.nauroz@glspk.com)
Mr. Ismail Nauroz joined the Greenland Services in 2003, he holds the degree in Crop production and agriculture from Australia takes care of the farms listed in the company. He deals in both the production as well as the cultivation of seasonal crops and supplying of it to the local wholesalers for further distribution to the markets. He makes sure that the crop maintains the quality standards.
face Munir Nauroz (munir.nauroz@glspk.com)
Mr. Munir Nauroz joined in 2008, takes care of plants that will be used in the projects, their imports and growth of plants that might be needed in future. He always maintains the plants in best conditions to provide the best to the clients as well as providing the ones that are not so readily available in the market and grows them in our in house production nursery. Munir also designs for the clients giving them the practical and custom made solutions.
About us

At Greenland Services we strive to create unique and original landscapes that differ from the ones commonly found in Pakistan. We can design your new landscape or recreate your existing one with a variety of plant life and seasonal splashes of color. We take personal interest in making sure your landscape or garden blooms and can install, maintain so it has the groundwork to reach its maximum potential. We have a well trained staff on site to implement the techniques we have developed since 1982.

Greenland Services uses only the highest quality materials for which we go out of our way to find them. We have networking and acquaintances with all the plant nurseries, landscape material & irrigation suppliers within or outside Pakistan.

Greenland Services is running independently with its own network of plant nurseries, tied with other services also to engage all types of customers that can be viewed on our website www.glspk.com

"We are the best LandScape providing service in town."


Greenland Services strive to make its designs more diverse by using a wider variety of plant material than what is typically found in regular landscapes. By incorporating annual and perennial accents in selected spots in the landscape to provide color without being pretentious. We also incorporate many different types of foliage for more visual impact as observed easily in the beautiful image given. We prefer to design plants that will not out grow their surroundings. This method reduces pruning and possible deformation of plants over time. Once an outline scheme has been agreed, we prepare all of the working drawings and detailed specification needed to build your garden.

We are offering following services:
Client 1
Housing Society Saima Arabian villas, Buffer Zone. Project of SAIMA BUILDERS.
Resident Mr. Mohammad Ali House. A project of Shamim Alam Architect.
Resident Mr. Khurram, Khayaban-e-Seher.
Resident Mr.Yasin Bilwani, DHA, Korangi Road. Project of Collaborative Design.
Factory Sherazi Investor, Port Qasim. Project of Collaborative Design.
Resident Mr. Amin Lakhani.
Resident Dr. Perveen Kanji from South city
Resident Mr.Amir Paracha (Stadium colony)
Factory Chevron Pvt Ltd.
Resident Mr.Imran, Khayaban-e-bukhari
Factory Faislabad Industrial Estate (F.I.E.D.M.C).
Housing Community CAMP YARD (D.H.A CITY)
Office LDA Hawks Bay Development Authority
Housing Community Lakeview Park (D.C.K City)
Roads D.H.A City Principal Arterial Roads
Roads D.H.A City Collector Roads
Housing Community D.H.A City Plants List & Images
Office Osmani Co. Site Office (D.H.A City PHASE VIII)
Residency Mr. Yunus Paracha
Office Galaxy Pharma (PVT) Ltd. Project of LANDSCAPE Co.
Residency Mr.Adeel
Residency Rizwan Deewan Project of Collaborative Designs Co.
Residency Mr.Shabir Zaidi Project of Arch. Asma
Hospital South City Hospital, Clifton.
Nursery Development Nursery Plan for (D.C.K City)
Apartment D.H.C City Road Site (Phase VIII)
Husing Community Chalet- De- Matore
Residency Mr.Arif Osmani
Office Head Office Osmani Co.
Grave yard Grave Yard PHASE VIII
Housing Community Parks Hyderabad Development Authority
Residency Dr. Husnain Shah
Institution Aga Khan University Hospital Project Faculty of Arts & Sciences(F.A.S)
Agricultural Farm Vinder Agricultural Farm Experimental Agricultural Land
contact us

Display Centres:
Nursery no.33, DHA, Phase 2, Korangi road, Karachi.

Mailing Address:
Flat # E/10, Plot # 326, Amlani Society, Britto road, Garden East, Karachi
Pakistan, 74550.

GreenLand Services (PAKISTAN)


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